When friends become family your whole life becomes better

In fact, it opens you up to an entirely new circle of trust and acceptance. There are ten tell-tale signs that each relationship experiences when one watches friends becoming family.

How does a friend become family? They become your support system through thick and thin. You two share a built-in comfort level and are always ready to explore, grow, and share experiences. You each also respect one another’s boundaries without question.

These traits and more define the moment a friend shifts over to family status. Not everyone is born with large, extended family units. In fact, there are even some who lose family members along the way.

It’s important to recognize that blood is not the only way to define such a bond. Sometimes, you will see stronger relationships form over time and through shared personal experiences.
When Friends Become Family – 10 Tell-Tale Signs Friends understand your bad days and recognize them for what they are. You realize that you have support whenever you fall and will hear truth when you need it. The second part is as important as the first. There is a comfort in the air around you. No false pretenses. You both can be who you truly are without worrying about society’s expectations and it is freeing. Friends who become family can sit in silence without having the need to constantly fill the gaps with white noise. No matter how much time you are friends, there is this sense that you aren’t done exploring, learning, growing together. There are still pages left in your chapter book. You respect one another’s boundaries. Even if that means that you need to keep things hidden about yourself for your own sanity. There is no pressure to reveal more than you are capable of handling. A true friend has seen you at your best and at your worst and had equally loved you during both moments in your life. They will drive you to the airport, help you carry up that heavy couch, clean out your closet, deal with the leak in the basement – you know the ugly stuff. No matter what, you know that this person is just a text, phone call, visit away. They will drop everything if you need them. This even goes for long distant friends. If things ever really got bad, your person will hop on a plane. The bond is that strong. There is no judgment. There is no jealousy. There is no resentment. There is no harboring of guilt or pent-up anger. It’s only the best for the two of you. How can friends become family?
There is no direct process or path that you need to take in order to get to a special bond with someone in your life. It all just happens naturally. I’ve known people in my life that I considered family up until this very year and they surprised me. Others, have filled in those gaps and became the sisters I never had. These holes will empty and fill over and over again all throughout your lives.

Be blessed and thankful when you have your bonded relationships and respect them while they exist. Do your part to keep the ones you care about top of mind. It’s a two way street! You have to nourish what you want to grow – remember that.
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