What You Need to Know About Building a Closet Glam Room

For beauty and makeup enthusiasts, a glam room is a must! Glam rooms have been increasingly popular among many celebrities and have inspired others to create their own versions in their homes and closets. Glam rooms are a dedicated space for you to do your makeup, hair, get dressed, chat with friends, and get ready for events. Whether it’s getting red carpet ready or just simply going out for brunch, make your closet glam room a space where you want to be in! Our closet storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts will work with you to make your dream closet glam room come to life. 

Natural lighting is perfect for doing your makeup but not every closet has windows that let natural light in. You can’t truly see your full look without proper lighting, which is why it’s such an important element in your glam room. For your specified glam area, make sure that it’s properly lit. A popular choice is to have glam mirrors that already have light bulbs incorporated in it. 
Part of the fun with glam rooms is that simple decorative pieces can make it feel much more luxurious. Pick out a few key elements to go along with the theme you want for your glam room. You can pick some statement pieces that are bold in color and have everything else like picture frames, potted plants, or art pieces be more muted and subtle. Add a fun fuzzy pillow to your glam chair or add in a sofa for you to lounge on while picking out your outfits. 
Make sure your glam room is free of clutter and mess by incorporating lots of storage options for clothes and makeup. There are plenty of makeup organization solutions to keep your area nice and neat. Drawer separators can easily allow you to organize makeup by brands or products. Maximize the space in your closet by hanging longer pieces of clothing like dresses or jackets. Use storage bins to rotate out seasonal items and store them higher up in the closet. 


Bring your closet back to life with your own personal closet glam room. Glam rooms are meant to be enjoyed and our experts can make it as simple or as luxurious as you’d like. Contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts for a free consultation and get glamming! 
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