What if you could design a closet that was both functional and attractive? Discover how you can complete your dream home with a closet remodel!

You may have remodeled the kitchen and updated the bathroom, but have you designed the closet of your dreams? Every home requires a functional closet to store clothes, shoes, and accessories.  
Your Wardrobe 
Is your current closet space overflowing? Are you continually looking for new ways to organize your wardrobe? If so, you may need to remodel the closet. A closet doesn’t have to be large or spacious to be functional. Often, homeowners aren’t using the space to its full advantage. When it comes to remodeling the closet, assess your current wardrobe first. Do you need more space to store purses, or do you require more storage for shoes? A closet should be tailored to your needs and not the other way around. Think about how you may use the new closet most, and talk to your designer about those needs. 
Look Up 
If you require more space but cannot expand the square footage, look to the ceiling! One of the best ways to achieve a spacious closet is to capitalize on vertical storage. If you can’t reach higher items, install a ladder or step system so that you can locate your items easily. Out-of-season items such as bulky winter coats and boots can be stored high until the season arrives. 
Give it Away 
Whenever you have the time to go through your entire wardrobe, consider giving certain items away. When was the last time you wore that Member’s Only jacket? If you haven’t worn it in over a year, consider donating it to charity. Not only are you benefiting the planet, but you’re also reducing the amount of clutter in your home. 
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