Three PAX Walk-In Closet Designs Under $4,000

Designing an IKEA closet with PAX cabinets with a strict budget is tricky.

But as certified kitchen designers, IKD knows proper closet design.

In fact, we’ve just been recognized by The New York Times as a unique design solution for customers looking for custom doors for their IKEA kitchen (among other rooms).

That said, it’s our belief that customers should have a clear idea of the price and design ranges for IKEA PAX walk-in closets.

So if you’re looking for closet inspiration or already have closet ideas from HOUZZ, we can help.

Following is a series of IKEA closets we’ve designed – all under $4,000 – and their actual cost.

Of course all closets are different, but you’ll get a clearer idea of pricing and design ranges.

Let’s take a look!
Storage and Style
IKD customer Madelaine from Oak Brook, IL, wanted an IKEA closet with storage and style.

“Closet storage was very important to me, but also looks. I wanted to use white IKEA PAX cabinets and requested all sorts of storage solutions from drawers to pullouts,” she says.

We designed with IKEA PAX white cabinetry to hang her long clothing, including suits and more formal attire.

We also incorporated two pullout hampers; as well as mesh baskets for delicates.

This gives her options and makes the entire bedroom more efficient.

Madelaine had also requested solid and glass-fronted drawers, as well as a pullout tray that she could use for her jewelry.

We accomplished this and stayed within her $4,000 budget, (the final cost was $3,351.91); all while including lots of additional shelves too.

“I hadn’t heard of the pants pullout, and was gladly surprised when I saw two of these as part of the design,” Madelaine says.

There’s even space for up to 35 pairs of shoes.

Talk about combining storage and style!
Back In Black
In our opinion, black wardrobe frames work very well.

So we were glad when IKD customer Roger from San Diego, CA requested black IKEA PAX frames for his IKEA walk-in closet.

Specifically, he requested lots of hanging space, as well as pants pullouts, and space to store 25 pairs of shoes.

He also wanted to stay under a fixed closet design budget of $5,000.

By designing the IKEA PAX frames in an L-shape, we were able to establish “zones” for his wardrobe; including lots of drawers and two pullout trays with dividers for his tie collection and enough space to store up to 32 pairs of shoes!

Two pullout hampers were a nice addition as were mesh drawers.

And the best part?

We were able to stay well within his budget, at a final cost of $3,312.92.

Just another way to stay in the black!
His and Hers
Lastly is a small IKEA walk-in closet with a big task: Provide enough storage for a couple while keeping things as symmetric as possible in this galley-style space.

And since it was a smaller space, the budget was limited as well.

This was our challenge with IKD customers Sam and Teresa from Atlanta, GA.

“We wanted to use IKEA’s PAX frames, and were pleased with how IKD incorporated PAX drawers, along with a hanging space, pants pullouts, shelves and shoe pullout trays,” says Sam.

While both areas have their similarities, we made sure we gave Teresa space to hang long clothing as well as a jewelry tray.

A very detail-oriented couple, Sam and Teresa also requested a closed shoe section.

We decided to use IKEA’s TYSSEDAL doors with glass for this request.

This worked out very well as they have a visual reference of the interior.

And, the final results came in under budget, costing them only $3,592.91.

Better yet, this leaves them extra money to put into their IKEA kitchen project (hint, hint).

“We love how IKD laid out the two areas that keep things symmetrical, while still breaking the monotony!” Teresa says.

For Sam and Teresa, it was two for the price of one!

Now that you have an idea of what’s possible with PAX frames, bring us your closet design ideas.

We’ll make it work for you!

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