The Big Reveal: My Cloffice!

Sponsored by Tailored Living I’m so excited to be sharing the reveal of another room in our house: my closet and office (cloffice!) Truthfully, this room and closet have needed some love for a while now. This is often the dumping room that all my shoes, makeup, jewelry, PR kits, clothes and more collect dust. Full disclosure: I am not a tidy person. I can wreak havoc on a perfectly clean room in minutes if I can’t find something to wear. I do notice however, that my habits can improve if a room is set up efficiently and I have ample storage space.

The Before

Knowing that this room could double as a photo studio, office and closet, we decided to shine it up and address the biggest pain point in the room: the closet. Tailored Living, a custom storage and organization company, was up for the challenge of not only beautifying my space but also ensuring I would stay organized. 

The Consultation 
Besides the reveal, the consultation was my favourite part of the process. The local designer from Tailored Living was able to come to my house (and work around my hectic schedule) and not only hear out what I was looking for but took the time to go over some mood boards and magazine tear outs I had pulled together for the space. After doing a quick inventory of my jewelry, dresses, shoes and bags, we worked together to create a design that only would help organize my accessories better but would allow me to display some of my favourite items for the perfect ‘Instagram worthy’ shot. 

Following our meeting, a 3D rendering of the closet was sent over so I could see my space and make modifications before the installation 

Install Day 
In what felt like no time, install day was here. A crew of three arrived on time to remove the previous infrastructure and install the new closet. Their professionalism was superb and I appreciated that the space was left clean and orderly following their departure. My design consultant also took time out of his day to swing by and point out some features we had added to the space like the scarf rack, valet rod and soft close doors. 

Organized Living 
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the closet installed and the verdict is in: it has most definitely helped with keeping the room in tip top shape. Even I’m surprised it’s now a door I’m happy to keep open vs. closed when guests walk down our hallway. The display shelves are a personal favourite to display colourful bags and fun accessories. I find myself tweaking the space every week as we inch more and more into fall. The shoe rack is another element of the design I love. I am so not a morning person so keeping an edited closet in place is perfect for throwing together the perfect outfit in a pinch. 

All of the drawers have been used to store headbands (a serious problem), jewelry, sunglasses and odds/ends. Thanks to this closet, I was able to remove an entire storage system that was eating into the corner of the room. I swapped this out with a mirror, added a gallery wall and some pillows to finally pull this space together.

I’m so grateful to the Tailored Living team for breathing life into this tired space and turning it into an Instagram worthy closet!

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