The Best RV Warranty Support Based on Consumer Rankings and Reviews

Will your RV warranty come through for you when you really need it? It’s not something you want to learn when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Today, we’re looking at which RVs consumers ranked highest in the warranty support score, using consumer review data from our partner 

Class A – Diesel

Newmar Ventana

2020 Newmark Ventana 4037: “This is our 4th Newmar (Bay Star, Canyon Star, Ventana) and now another Ventana. Had a few minor problems but all fixed on the rigs. There is not a brand out there without issues. We have not had problems with getting it serviced but we did have a service writer that did not listen to us (twice,)but you will find that anywhere. ”  – Keith, Oregon

2016 Newmar Ventana 4369: “Purchased new, first RV we’ve owned. Love the layout for full time use. Both Freightliner and Newmar took care of any and all situation. We’ve lived in this coach for numerous years. Plenty of space. Would highly recommend this coach to anyone.” – Tony, Florida

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Honorable Mention: Itasca Reyo

Have you owned an Newmar Ventana? Write a review and tell fellow RVers about your experience! The information you provide can be instrumental in helping them make the best choice when buying their next RV.

Class A – Gas

Winnebago Sightseer

2013 Winnebago Sightseer 30A: “This Sightseer is our 3rd motorhome. It has been very reliable. Winnebago has a long reputation of long lasting motor-homes. The heavy duty chassis with the 22.5″ tires rides very nice. Towing a jeep or trailer behind is no problem. The horsepower is the highest of any motorhome we have had. Climbs hill better than our friends. The 30 ft length is perfect for all campgrounds. Overall very little issues in past 7 years. Highly recommend the brand.” – Dean, California

2014 Winnebago Sightseer 33C: “This is a good coach. It has been very reliable with few issues. Winnebago technical support which I have called on two occasions has been both responsive and helpful for solving problems. Any warranty items were handled through the dealer with no problems.” – Phil, Maryland

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Honorable Mention: Itasca Sunova

Class B

Winnebago Rialta

2000 Winnebago Rialta 22QD: “I have owned 3 Rialta’s and they are wonderful if you like economy and ease of parking. This one can seat up to 8 and sleep 4. It has all the features of a larger RV in a small size. Gas mileage is 16 to 18 Insurance in less the 500$” – Art, California

1999 Winnebago Rialta 21RD: “Perfect size for camping..Very well designed..Has the V.W 6 cyl. engine and gas mile. is in the 20’s..Sleeps 4 and has plenty of storage space and is also very dependable..Has a wonderful ride and not effected very much by wind.Heat and a/c system works well..I WOULD OWN ANOTHER IF I NEEDED ONE AND COULD FIND A GOOD ONE.” – Robert, Alabama

1996 Winnebago Rialta 22RC: “Bought my 1996 Rialta used, in 2004, from PPL in Houston. What a great vehicle. It gets 18-23 mpg using regular unleaded gas. Next year, my baby turns 25 and I will be applying for the CA DMV Historic Vehicle license plate! Woohoo.” – Jerry, Arizona

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Honorable Mention: Pleasure-Way Excel

Class C

Itasca Navion

2015 Itasca Navion 24J: “We had a 2013 Navion 24J but upgraded to the 2015 Navion 24J due to all the changes/upgrades in 2015. Very pleased with the 2015 24J, great fuel mileage 14-17mpg (6 cyl), only problem we have ever had was with the exterior doors locking system but all was under warranty through both Winnebago and Mercedes which jumped on it and got it repaired! Would recommend this model to anyone! Love it.” – RB, Oregon

2010 Itasca Navion 24A: “Unit has great livability with the amenities of a larger coach. Very economical to operate with mileage 15-20 mpg. Drives like a van or SUV. Tows as if nothing is behind it. The manufacturer keeps all parts in stock and is very responsive to requests for assistance.” – Gwyn, North Carolina

Note: Winnebago Industries has now merged its Itasca lines into the Winnebago name.

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Honorable Mention: Itasca Cambria

Travel Trailer

Airstream Flying Cloud

2014 Airstream Flying Cloud 25RB: “Bottom line, Airstream makes a durable, very live-able trailer that is functional and easy to tow. Structurally very sound with the assorted and typical issues of all trailers. We found that the 25RB was a great choice for us as it was large enough for 2 adults, a golden retriever and occasional guests, but small enough to camp in the national and state parks. Dealer service has been OK, but the factory service is excellent.” – Bill, Connecticut

2018 Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB: “My husband and I bought our Airstream 23FB new in April 2018. In 11 months we’ve driven it over 9,000 miles, on two very extended trips. I can’t express how glad I am that we decided, on our first RV, to spend more and buy what we’d read was the best. We were so nervous, reading stories…about RVs with a dozen disasters, sitting at the dealer for weeks waiting for repairs. The layout of the 23 is particularly brilliant. But I think the real place Airstream shines is the quality. Since our problem-free shakedown trip, we’ve had only one problem, with the regulator on the water pump. Though we bought it in Ohio at Haydocy, the AS dealer in Orange County repaired it in less than a day, no drama, no warranty issues. Yes, they cost more, but I really think you save money in the long run, with the low maintenance costs and great resale value. Bite the bullet, and buy Airstream.” – Alice, Indiana

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Honorable Mention: Jayco White Hawk Ultra Lite

Have you owned an Airstream Flying Cloud? Write a review and tell fellow RVers about your experience! The information you provide can be instrumental in helping them make the best choice when buying their next RV.

Fifth Wheel

Keystone Montana Mountaineer

2009 Keystone Montana Mountaineer 332PHT: “We have been living full time in our bunkhouse for almost 2 yrs now. From -8 to 126. With 3 kids & 3 dogs we follow hubbys work on pipeline. The only issues we have had is the fuses blowing in the inverter, and the sail switch for the furnance. We also upgraded thermostat to a new digital one.” – Pamela, South Carolina

2010 Keystone Montana Mountaineer 324RLQ: “We purchased this rv and it moved to Bandera, Tx while we built our home. We lived in it about 6 months, thru summer and into the winter months. It was great, plenty of room in the living and kitchen area. Bed is super comfortable with a large closet and two dressers in the bedroom. All appliances were more than capable. No issues at all. A very good experience.” – Robert, Texas

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Honorable Mention: Carriage Cameo

Knowing you can count on RV factory support is vital when travelling around the country enjoying your RV. Owners have experienced it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly—of dealing with warranty support. If you’ve owned an RV and found that your manufacturer offered excellent support (or didn’t!) feel free to help your fellow RV Shopper and review your unit now at