Perks of being a girl mom?!?! HANDS DOWN the cutest styles for my little ladies

One of the joys of having TOTAL girly-girls is getting to take advantage of fashion finds for Caroline and Carson that are on-trend, age appropriate and work well together [coordination is key at this stage of the game my friends]. I’ve developed a little system on how we select and choose what we wear each day.  Especially when it comes to this year’s Fall fashion. Things have worked REALLY well so far, so I thought I would share my little tricks with you:

P.S. I realize I have totally jinxed myself and now I’m in trouble
Caroline and Carson’s 2019 Fall Fashion ONE. Pick Outfits Out the Night Before
Yep, before we go to bed, we battle it out and we discuss what’s going on the next day [do they have P.E., art, music, after-school activities, etc??], what the weather forecast looks like, and then we work together to select the attire. That way, they wake up at 7AM knowing exactly what they’re wearing–which in turn avoids early morning conflict and makes for much happier mornings for all of us. It also helps speed the getting ready ritual along so that we can all divide and conquer.

Print Jersey Dress [only $29/runs TTS] | Floral Metallic Headband | Jefferson Bling Native Shoes
TWO. Let Them Pick Their OOTD
Last year, we started a method where I give them two days a week to pick out their own outfits for school. So on Tuesdays and Thursday, they each get to wear anything they want… usually a romper/jumpsuit OR shorts and a shirt, but I stay out of it and let their imagination run wild. Sometimes we walk out with glitter and sparkle, other days it’s tennis shoes and graphic tees, but this balance let’s them play a part in showing off their personalities and still allows me to ensure everything in our closet gets a turn, especially since this mama loves to shop for her little ladies.

Little Wanderer Print Romper [runs TTS and on sale] | Cosmic Sandal | Metallic Headband
THREE. Coordinating is Better than Matching
Yes, I know.. my matching days are coming to a close and I can’t even talk about it without getting sentimental. No, it’s not OK and yes, I’ll cry when that dreaded day finally comes. BUT for now, we’ve managed to coordinate outfits fairly easily–that way everyone is content and happy! Celebrate the small victories my friends, haha…

Long Sleeve Lap Dress | Veggie Stand Dress | To Market Dress | Perfect Produce Top | Science Central Romper
FOUR. Accessorize to the Nines
As Caroline and Carson have gotten older, we accessorize A LOT… fun headbands and bracelets, vests and cute shoes, mini handbags and other accessories all go a long way! I try to buy “staple” items like leggings, cardigans, ruffled tops, skirts and dresses so we can dress them up OR down [depending on the occasion] and then style them up when necessary. Us ladies do the same thing and I love when they add on some “flair” for good measure.

Pink Lap Dress | Leaf Pile Tunic | Community Garden Legging | Hip and Hygge Cardigan |
Girls Lap Dress | Tweet Tweet Tunic | First to the Swings Benny Pants
FIVE. Find Your Top 3-4 Brands/Retailers and Shop There
I gravitate towards 3-4 brands when it comes to my girls: Matilda Jane, Nordstrom, Boden and Target and I’d say 75% of their wardrobe comes from those four retailers. Sure we find others elsewhere, but those shops are tried and true for us, I know their sizing charts/what to order and they have items both my girls AND I will both be happy about.

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