One Room Challenge -Week Two

Hello, hello! We made it to week 2 and I feel like I might be behind already! Before we delve into the design details, I've been receiving questions on Instagram if I am the one doing all the work. And the answer is no way! It's no secret that I am a one woman show, but although I'll be doing quite a bit of the work myself, I surely couldn't tackle a project of this size myself and especially within a 6 week timeline. I did have a moment of panic trying to figure out who I was going to hire to help; would they meet my standards? how expensive would they be...? However, the universe smiled on me and it turns out my hairdresser's  husband was the perfect fit as he is a professional in this field. I've known my hairdresser since before I had the kiddos so we go way back.  Basically, I feel very comfortable and confident having her husband on board to help. Shout out to panarican_handyman!

I mentioned last week that for the bathroom, I wanted to lighten it up in there. I am keeping the layout the same and I also intend on keeping plumbing where it is. To move the plumbing is rather expensive. We actually already ran into an issue where part of the plumbing comes up from the floor and as a result I had to change the design of the vanity to the one pictured. The one I originally chose from the wonderful sponsor, Signature Hardware was  more modern and higher which would make the plumbing visible. Thank goodness, the initial order was not yet shipped and the switch in vanities could be made. This one still has modern lines but is much lower and I love the organic element it adds to the bathroom. The vanity tops, sinks, and mirrors will all be from Signature Hardware. I am also very excited to incorporate these lovely tile selections from The Tile Shop! Check out that 12x24 Calcutta Marble for the floor-yum! I went with that Rosa Char subway tile for the shower because it conjures up memories of the Master bedroom and I love its natural look. All the lighting is from Hudson Valley  and there will be pretty accessories like those baskets from Garnet Hill.  Art is from Minted. I am still undecided about whether or not I will only repaint or also incorporate wallpaper in here...

This closet redo has definitely been exhausting mainly due to the fact that I had to remove over 100 pieces of hardware from the wall from the prior closet set up system. There are holes everywhere in the wall but I keep thinking about what it will look like and so I champion on. Remember, I mentioned last week, that the closet is located off the bathroom. The old and worn carpet was ripped out and the beautiful new Gentling floor from Lifecore Flooring already arrived. Even more beautiful in person! With LIFECORE Flooring Products, you get beautiful and unsurpassed hardwood flooring collections with complete confidence, thanks to forest to floor quality control, zero-added formaldehyde and low VOC hardened finishes. There will be a couple new closet system with all the bells and whistles courtesy of Overstock and the pretty flush mount is from Hudson Valley. I was tempted to wallpaper the entire space but it's so tiny and once the clothes are back in place it would be difficult to see the paper, so I've turned my eyes to the 5th wall aka the ceiling to add some pretty paper. I am still deciding what to choose.

Of course, I have to also show the bedroom some love. It's currently a disaster zone mainly due to the Master bathroom renovation. We had to move out, but I am looking forward to giving it some much needed tlc once everything is in place. The changes are only cosmetic in the form of luxurious layers and some new sophisticated lighting. I plan on adding draperies and reupholstering a chair with fabric from Fabricut.  Sumptuous bedding and blankets from Garnet Hill, art from Minted, lighting from Hudson Valley and Couture Lamps, and full length mirror from Varaluz will make it very difficult to ever leave the bedroom-staycation every day in here! Well that's it for now-thanks for stopping by to check out my progress! Be sure to visit the other talented designers below too. xx

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