New Costa Rica Real Estate Service Exclusive Property Listing Riverfront Organic Fish Farm on 50 Acres near the Nauyaca Waterfall

Located in the beautiful Barucito River Valley, the farm can be accessed via two routes and is just a 15-minute walk from the entrance of the famous Nauyaca Waterfall. This 50-acre property comprises a unique organic fish farm with three rivers bordering and passing through the property.

The location on the backside of the main central Pacific mountain range gives easy access to the coast and towns, while set far enough away to feel the real natural environment of Costa Rica. The sound of the rivers and streams will lull you to sleep at night, and you’ll rise to the sound of wildlife in the morning. A family of howler monkeys often uses the rivers as a highway.  Jaguars have been seen, as well as wild boars, deer and many more.
Operational Aquaponics System Gravity-Fed from Natural Streams and Springs
15 gravity-fed grow-out fish ponds are fully functioning and sustain three levels of growth from hatchery ponds, to nursery ponds, to adult ponds. The fish in the Aquaponics operation consists of Tilapia, Catfish, and Ornamentals with Freshwater Prawns, Australian Red Claw Lobster, and Giant Freshwater Clams growing on the pond bottoms. All of these aquatic creatures have a symbiotic relationship within the ponds, which is the very foundation of a healthy Aquaponics system.

A cement hatchery pond initiates the breeding of fry (baby fish) and a fingerling hatchery pond facilitates their growth. All ponds are individually plumbed with river and spring water. High-density fish culture with free water flowing through 24 hours a day is a breeze with this farm. Two main water pickup systems fed from the streams deliver all the water needed to support the farm. Each self-priming gravity fed system runs 24/7 for free!
1,000 Sq. Ft House with Storage Bodega and an 800 Sq. Ft Wooden Cabin
The property offers an approximately 1,000 square foot concrete block (1 bedroom) house, with a wooden ceiling made of wood from the farm. An additional rustic wooden 800 sq. ft cabin is attached to a storage bodega. The windows, the doors, and the aluminum roof have been recently upgraded. The back room was built as a large storage bodega, with a huge closet, A/C, and large front bedroom. Three brand-new custom doors and brand-new electrical wiring have been added. A toilet, shower, and kitchen are in the attached cabin, which is approximately 800 square feet. Spring water and river water are connected to the cabin, as well as municipal electricity.  Mamon-chino(Lychee) trees are on both sides of the cabin.
Ideal Property for a Buyer Looking to Live a Self-Sustainable Lifestyle in Costa Rica
Waterfalls located on the property have a steep enough grade to retrofit the system for hydroelectric power.  With your own power supply running 24 hours a day, you can have a truly off the grid farm. There are multiple pristine swimming holes on the property as well as multiple potable springs. One has been capped for the residential drinking water and for the fish hatchery.

This property boasts many different organic fruit trees including mandarina, orange, guava, and guayaba. Large undeveloped flat areas are available to create more ponds, more permaculture, or more residences where like-minded individuals can live and work on the property.

The facilities represent a working business model and source of income with room for expansion. Included as part of the fish farm facilities are an 800-lb ice machine chipper for processing and an emergency backup water system for any unforeseen conditions. This organic fish farm has produced annual income from $15-60k, depending on the type of fish and the density of ponds.

The property’s 50-acre size, natural freshwater sources, and existing infrastructure provide great potential to expand the size of the fish farm business or offers the perfect canvas to create a self-sustainable living community in Costa Rica.
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