Maximize Your IKEA Master Bedroom Storage With Our Design Ideas

No matter the room, or its size, we’ll customize unique elements and provide creative ideas to maximize storage.

One of the areas our design team often provides specialized storage design ideas for is the master bedroom.

In fact, we recently completed several smaller IKEA master bedroom designs for IKD customers that used IKEA cabinetry to maximum effect.

These were small spaces that got big results!

Specifically, we utilized IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry framework, IKEA’s PAX wardrobe system and IKEA’s BESTA cabinetry to provide clever IKEA storage options.

With that in mind, we believe these master bedroom and custom IKEA closet design ideas will really benefit customers. Especially those who have small spaces and who are looking to customize their storage options with IKEA cabinets.

And notably, not only did these designs provide ample storage but were done in a budget friendly way.

So let’s take a look at how to maximize your master bedroom storage!
A Hidden and Modern IKEA Gem
One of the design wishes of our customers – Jay and Sally from Chicago, IL – was for us to design a hidden space that housed their TV when not in use.

“Our bedroom is rather small, and we enjoy relaxing and watching our favorite shows. We just didn’t want the TV to become a focal point of the room,” Jay explains.

To accomplish this, we used floating IKEA BESTA cabinetry to create a modern display section.

Also, we suggested for the TV section to be built out and used IKEA’s BESTA cabinetry doors as panels so the entire wall would look as a single piece of paneled wall.

“We didn’t expect all the extra hidden storage behind those wall panels. It’s great for storing our small electronics as well as extra bedding and other items,” Sally says.

To continue the modern look, the base cabinets were installed with no legs, which also gives the design a more airy feel.

Giving the space a high-end look is the countertop, which frames the open section between the tall and base cabinets.
Classic Convenience With IKEA Cabinetry
What first appears as typical storage built around the TV, is actually anything but in this master bedroom for IKD customers Philip and Tanya from Decatur, GA.

“We really wanted the TV to be the focal point of the room,” Philip says.

We used IKEA SEKTION cabinets in different depths, which provide interest and break up the monotony of the space.

Tanya adds: “I love how this element gives us a unique wall feature that we never would have thought of on our own!”

Enhancing the look is the Semihandmade DIY Fronts painted in SW Raging Sea paired with IKEA’s EDVALLA Drop Pulls in Brass color.

What a classic combination!

For added storage options, we also used full-depth base cabinets with drawers, and shallow-depth tall cabinets. These provide storage along with some internal rollout drawers.

Lastly, we stacked some shallow drawers on top of the base cabinets, perfect to store smaller items.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results of our master bedroom space,” Philip concludes.
Combining IKEA PAX and SEKTION
In a small bedroom – like this one we designed for IKD customers Chuck and Leslie from San Francisco, CA – every inch counts.

And sometimes, having such limited space to work with brings out the best storage solutions.

“We didn’t really have space for a formal closet, and we didn’t know where to go with our design,” Chuck says.

Fortunately for them, we at IKD did.

Specifically, there was extra headboard space, which is generally considered wasted space in a master bedroom.

This kicked our creativity into high gear!

We combined some IKEA PAX wardrobe cabinets and IKEA SEKTION cabinetry to create a unique built-in look.

What is particularly special about this combination is that the IKEA PAX storage provides the same functionality as closet inserts.

Meanwhile the IKEA SEKTION cabinetry not only provides extra storage but complements the look for this headboard built-in “unit”.

The other unique aspect is that this “unit” represents one of our IKEA design hacks using SEKTION cabinetry.

In this case we utilized and maximized two IKEA cabinet systems that may not normally be used together in this way.

Plus it features IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry in a space outside of the kitchen as well!

These are the types of solutions that are available in your master bedroom, regardless of its size.

All it really takes is some creativity and design ingenuity.

And that’s what IKD’s certified designers bring to your IKEA project.

So, if you are looking to maximize storage space in your master bedroom, you don’t have to do it alone.

We can make your design idea fit into your space – and lifestyle!

Learn more about how we can design your IKEA kitchen, bath, laundry room and closet at
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