Keeping Busy During COVID 19 - Mosaic Monday

When you're young you play with them.
When you're older you start to loose them. What are they? Marbles! hahahaha
Good night if this pandemic doesn't end soon I may loose every single marble I've ever owned in my entire life. Whew!

Now that's out of my system...let's look at the past week. Hi y'all and welcome to another week of Mosaic Monday. For me this weekly post has become a journal of each week and even more so the longer we are in our "stay at home" orders or as we have chosen to say "Safer at home" and blessed that we've been able to stay home and not out in the chaos, germs and uncertainty of everyday life. Who would ever have thought such?? Not me. 

So last weekend we decided, since the 'stay at home' was being loosened and more businesses were allowed to open, that we would hit the home improvement store. I had a bug and wanted to do something different. Those who know me well, know that if I'm not rearranging a room, painting, crafting, cooking some new creation or reorganizing a closet for the millionth time, something is wrong. LOL

So my big idea...paint the bedroom furniture. None of it matches, it's old and beat up but still serviceable. So I found colors that I liked and felt would last through more than one season of my restlessness. I love the colors and WOW I was truly not prepared for just how big of a difference it would make. WOW

 Above are my colors and below...WOW I just can't say it enough. My dresser. We still have his dresser, both night stands and the TV/bookshelf to do but WOW. He did a fantastic job. My hubby is a true blessing.
A few weeks ago I mentioned crafting, well, here is the medallion. I finally finished it. What a pain in the tookus! OMGosh, I love how it turned out but will not make another. This was truly a challenge. Of course we all know that no post is complete without at least one picture of one of the kitties. Right? This is Beau. He wanted to help us move furniture, give his okay on the choices and so on. hahaha He's a mess but I love him so.  We've been ordering fresh produce from a local market, they have been able to stay afloat by expanding their variety of goods. I'm so glad. The family is a blessing to our community and personally to our family. So, they have produce, and now meat, dairy, some small grocery items and their cafe is still producing lunch menu items. All take out, curb pickup and delivery.

So we had purchased some fresh salsa from them and my husband went through it in a day. So I made some. Which I had not done in several years, he scarfed that down in record time. So what's a gal to do? Well, make more salsa of course. However, since it had been some time since I made a full batch, well I had forgotten how much it actually made. So when I doubled it. LOL we ended up with a large amount. Perfectly okay because that was last Saturday and there is one small jar left today. I guess he likes it huh? You can find my recipe HERE.
We have rearranged the office, the garage and the upstairs bedrooms. One of which is my catch all room. You have one, right? It used to be our bedroom, everything got dumped in there, but now it gets toted upstairs and dropped off. I've been working on my scrapbooks, tens of thousands (no joke) of photos, sorting, tossing and organizing. Crafting and exercise all happen in this room. You see the blue and tan containers, those are two of the four that I've been through so far. I'm still reading and my bible study group has been meeting over Zoom the last several weeks. It is good to "see" the ladies but I'm ready for a real get together.
Oh yes! The roofers returned and fixed the master bath ceiling! Just in time too. The afternoon after they repaired it we had a gully washer, for those who don't know, that means a heavy down pour aka afternoon thunderstorm. Pretty typical for Spring time in the South.
On the last day of every month I participate in a photo challenge, a theme is announced on the first and on the last day we all link up over at PJ's blog. April's theme was "my world" which took an interesting twist after the pandemic hit. You can read all about it and see the 5 photos I chose to share HERE if you're interested. Also, you find the information if you'd like to join us.

One morning I came down stairs, turned around and all the babies were just sitting there. Not sure if they were waiting on an invitation to come down or what. They are funny, each with their own personality and quirks but during this "stay at home" time, I would have been lost without them. They have provided love, attention, humor and at times a bit of drama. Ya know, those late evening cat spats, fur flying, hissing and that's when we break out the catnip. Stoned kitties are calm kitties. LOL it seriously mellows them out, and at least one a week they get their "fix" of the nip as we call it. Kitty weed bahahaha okay y'all, stay safe, wash your hands and thanks for dropping by.
THANK YOU Angie for this link up and opportunity to meet such caring, sharing folks from all over. I truly love this link up and look forward each week to reading and seeing what y'all are sharing. Be sure to visit her, link up and visit others. HERE Dawn~ ##Spatulasonparade #COVID19 #Collages #QuarantineJournal #QuarantineRecipes
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