Inside: Practical gifts for people who are downsizing

Perfect gift ideas for anyone who is trying to minimize clutter and make the most of their space. 

Searching for gifts for people who are downsizing? This post is full of clutter free gift ideas that are creative, helpful, and a great way to declutter in a sense.

The holiday season is approaching fast, so take the time and scroll through this list and find something for parents who are downsizing, or anyone else who is trying to minimize their possessions and make the most of their space. 

You might even find a gift or two that makes sense to add to your holiday list for yourself! 
You might also like: Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything Gift Ideas for Travelers Useful Creative Christmas Gifts for Teachers Good Books About Downsizing on Amazon Gifts for People Who Are Downsizing Kindle Fire | Great for downsizing your library. You can store tons of books without needing a physical copy on hand. You can still save your hard copy of books, or donate or sell them. You can also do so much more with a Kindle!  Instant Pot | The Instant Pot is a multi-tool cooker. Pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, and more all in one. A great way to get rid of a handful of kitchen accessories and use one item for it all.   Inflatable Mattress | Keep this on hand and pull out when you have guests coming over to stay. Just blow up and allow them to sleep on that or give them your bed and you use the inflatable mattress.  Electronic picture frame | Capture all those precious moments in time with an electronic picture frame. This is a great way to get rid of the boxes of pictures in a closet, and put it out on display to showcase your ever-changing family. Document Scanner | Use this to keep track of all the paper clutter you might come across. With receipts, important documents, and so much more. More Gifts for Someone Who Is Downsizing Tidying Up with Marie Kondo | So if you are wanting to give a gift to help them find guidance in letting go of things, this set is awesome. It has taken the world by storm and many find success with the system.  Gift Card | Consider an Amazon gift card to help them buy items they might need. Maybe containers or storage items to help simplify their closet, bathrooms, etc.  Bissel PowerFresh | This is a multi-tool that is great for cleaning your hardwood floors. A 3 in 1 tool that will get the job done and leave your home sparkling.  Reusable Body Wash System | Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash system that you can buy in bulk and pour in or make your own to simplify what you have in storage. No more bulky bottles!  Space Savers | If you are wanting to free up space, consider these vacuum-sealed bags. A great way to shrink up space with comforters, clothes, and more.  More Gift-Giving Ideas Clutter-Free Gift Ideas – a collection of hundreds of gift ideas! Clutter-Free Gifts for Moms Clutter-Free Gifts for Dads Best Gift Ideas and Unique Gifts from Uncommon Goods
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