“I love to pack!” said no one who has had to move, ever

If you’ve done it, you’ll know that packing is inherently unenjoyable; it’s stressful, it’s tedious, and it requires light to moderate aerobic activity. When you unpack, on the other hand, it’s far more relaxed. There are fewer time constraints, fewer precautionary measures, fewer materials needed, and a far lower probability of human error. However, unpacking after a move is not exactly the cathartic experience, we may envision it as before we attempt it.

Although less demanding than its dreadful counterpart, unpacking after a move is not to be done arbitrarily. There is a method to the madness, and we at Colonial Van Lines are only too happy to step in with some guidance.  So, without further ado, here’s some advice to make the home stretch of your move as orderly as possible.
Unpack After A Move with a System in Place
Here’s where labeling those boxes pays off! Ideally, your boxes have been labeled by room, so you know their destination before you unpack them. Getting the boxes in the right rooms is half the battle!

For pro tips on labeling boxes, check out blog.unpakt.com.
Unpack the Essentials First
Hopefully, you have a designated essentials box. This box should contain anything you need to get you through the next few days, such as toiletries, medications, books, paperwork, yoga pants, wine, and mini cupcakes.
Get the Kitchen Fired Up
Next, it’s time to get the heart of the home pumping. Pots and pans first, then hook up the major appliances: fridge, oven, 24- inch wide 1000-Watt built-in microwave with one-touch opening and closing, and anything else that will help you put substantial amounts of food on the table in the least amount of time. Then move on to the minor appliances, such as the coffee pot, toaster, food processor, and smoothie maker. 
Unpacking for the Bedroom
After the novelty of camping out in the living room wears off, you’ll inevitably want to set up some comfier sleeping quarters. Set the linens out on their respective beds and, if possible, decide on furniture and closet arrangement before you unpack your boxes. Installing shelving units first will make the unpacking process easier and will save you from future work.
Bathroom B
Unless the home you’re renting is a real fixer-upper, there should be a functional sink and toilet in the bathroom when you arrive. Provided that that’s the case, unpack toiletries and towels shortly after arrival. Follow with medications, bath and hygiene products, shower curtain, and rubber ducky.
Assemble and Arrange Furniture
Whether you have a floor plan, or simply just a floor, assembling and arranging furniture is next on your list. Make it easier by going room by room. Larger pieces that require mechanical assembly should be put together after they’ve been placed, so they don’t have to be disassembled and moved.
Utility Areas Last
The areas that you use least will be your last priority. Organizing utility areas, garages, and basements beforehand will make the unpacking process after the move more efficient. The tools you need to keep your home functional should be unpacked first, such as utility shelving units and storage containers.
Unpacking After your Move with Colonial Van Lines
At Colonial Van Lines, we firmly believe that a good beginning makes a good ending. So, when you hire us, you can rest assured that we start thinking about the finish line as soon as we reach the starting line.

At Colonial, we’re dedicated to seeing you through every aspect of your move. We’ll be there to get you started, and we’ll be there to help you finish. When our movers arrive at your house on moving day, they’re prepared to provide end-to-end service.

Our Packing Services

When our experienced movers pack your belongings, they do it with the foresight, skill, care, and knowledge necessary to make the unpacking process as pleasant as possible. They’ll use specialized materials to safeguard your belongings, so they get to your new destination in top shape; they’ll draw up an inventory list, so you can verify that all of your belongings made the trip with you, and they’ll help you label the boxes by room, so you know where the boxes go when they get to their destination. And more than that, our movers will help you arrange and assemble furniture, deliver your boxes to the appropriate rooms, and make sure your belongings are present and accounted for when you’ve arrived.

And that’s not all Colonial Van Lines does to make your move easier! We offer:

Free no-obligation rate quotes: CVL provides all of our customers with reliable, free, no-obligation rate quotes to help you avoid expense traps.

Customized Moving Package: You’ll get a customized moving package and a personalized moving assistant who will keep careful track of the specific details of your move.

Storage Services: If you need storage, our climate-controlled, spacious, state-of-the-art facility is available for long and short-term storage. At Colonial, we start strong, and we stay strong. From planning for a move to unpacking after a move, we make your job our priority. Contact us today for our free rate quote, and we’ll get you moving in the right direction

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