Ever had a drafty bathroom? Worse still, how about a “warm and sticky” bathroom? What you’re feeling is humidity

While it is recommended to a certain degree, in excess amounts, it’s a nightmare. It’s nasty. “Uncomfortable” is a gross understatement. It can be downright disturbing.

And unfortunately, your bathroom fan isn’t enough. All it does is push the air out. By the time new air diffuses in, it becomes moisture-laden. Fear not, that’s where dehumidifiers come to the rescue.

A dehumidifier absorbs the moisture and effectively reduces humidity. The best bathroom dehumidifier will turn your bathroom into a crisp environment in no time. 

So, to help you find the right one, here, we are going to review the best options out there. Let’s dive in.
Best Bathroom Dehumidifier Reviews
You might have already perused the web and seen many dehumidifiers for bathroom reviews. Or you might be happening upon this as your first article. Whichever, it may be, keep reading. Here are the top bathroom dehumidifiers.
1. hOmeLabs 3,000 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier
This one, manufactured by hOmeLabs, is an excellent choice, particularly if you’re sensitive to noise. It’s built to make sure that noise from the fan is minimized. The combination of two things, the use of dampers, and the efficient shape of the fan make this possible. That makes it an ideal choice for your bedroom, as well.

It’s a great bathroom dehumidifier with a drain system included. Which means that you don’t need to empty it. A hose that dispenses water can be fitted to the back of the device, and this can drain out all the water.

This saves you the trouble of continually worrying when to drain the machine. It can be quite troublesome with smaller machines.

A consequence of high humidity is contamination. This often takes the form of a fungal infestation. Fungi can be quite dangerous to health. It can cause skin diseases and even throat and lung infections if inhaled or ingested. Spores range from being airborne to being transmitted by water. With this machine, you can stop that.

Black mold is quite persistent, even for a fungus. And it thrives off of moisture. Mildew, another common fungus, while not as hardy as black mold, spreads very rapidly. They both have one weakness- dryness. Therefore, you can defeat them if you use this machine as it effectively reduces humidity and makes the air dry.

This could very well be the best compact dehumidifier for bathroom usage because it is small but provides all the functionality of a powerhouse. This thing is excellent for bathrooms, closets, and bedrooms.

It is quite effective at absorbing moisture, and it’s very good at getting rid of musty odors that arise from the humidity. Therefore, it’s worth checking out.

Low noise Water is easy to dispense Prevents black mold and mildew Compact size Removes musty odors
Longevity isn’t good 2. New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier
If you’re looking for a user-friendly device, this might be your ticket. The interface on this is simple, secure, and understandable to almost anyone. You can quickly get it to start working.

Also, it’s got an on/off system and some other miscellaneous things as well. You don’t need an instruction manual or anything like that either. It’s simple.

It’s quite effective against combating mildew infestations. Mildew is quite pervasive, and it’s very fast-spreading. It could span across the entire wall of your bathroom if you let it fester. Again, humidity is integral to its growth. And, this dehumidifier is extremely good at canceling just that.

From an environmental perspective, it is the best small dehumidifier for bathroom use. That’s because it uses natural means to dehumidify. The core ingredient in this is silica. Silica is a very efficient desiccant and absorbs moisture well. What the machine does is run the humid air through the silica to dry it effectively.

Don’t worry if the silica stops working! You can take it out of the machine and put in new silica beads. It’s quite effective. That means that this machine has a longevity that is better than many of its more artificial counterparts.

Besides, if you can’t immediately get new silica beads, you could even heat the damp ones and put them back in.

Since it only runs a simple fan, it doesn’t need a power cord. You have to charge it occasionally. It competes to be the best cordless dehumidifier for bathroom purposes. Since it is cordless, you don’t have to worry about having a power outlet in your bathroom. As we know, some old houses don’t have that system.

Natural system Environment-friendly Cordless Silica beads can be replaced
Not as powerful 3. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier
Most of the time, it’s the smaller rooms that fall victim to humidity issues. With larger rooms, you often have the chance to let air circulate. However, with smaller rooms, the moisture can stay stagnant in one place and cause acute discomfort. Therefore, this model should be perfect for that. It’s especially suited for that.

The smaller size makes it have a minimal noise profile. It’s so quiet that you could have it run all night. It’s geared with a damping system that ensures that you can sleep soundly. It’s so quiet that you can run the compressor of a fridge side by side with it and see. The fridge will seem significantly louder than this machine.

It’s size also makes it contend for the best mini dehumidifier for bathroom moisture removal. That’s because it’s portable.

You still have to plug it in. However, it’s just one outlet, and most rooms have at least one of those. It’s quite light, so carrying it around isn’t an issue either. You can use it to dehumidify your bedroom, bathroom, and even your closet!

Nowadays, everyone runs on a budget, and if yours is on the average end, you might be looking for a bargain. Guess what? You’ve found it right here. This product is easily available and can fit in the tightest budgets rather seamlessly. Don’t worry; it doesn’t compromise the quality of the device, that remains intact.

Even maintenance is easy with this. You can drain the water quickly. Since this is a smaller dehumidifier, this is essential. You need that because the container the water collects in is usually tiny, and therefore you need to empty the bucket rather frequently. The water can easily be collected and disposed of with this product.

Suited for small rooms Quiet Good budget pick Portable Compact
Unsuitable for larger rooms 4. hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier
Brought to you by hOmeLabs, this is a small, portable bathroom dehumidifier. Its small size makes it manageable. Also, being lightweight also helps, you can easily carry it around and set it wherever.

While most might think that a bathroom is the mainstay of a dehumidifier, they can be placed just about anywhere there is high humidity.

The smaller size makes it easy to store and perfect for a small room. Some people have damp, musty closets. This is quite suited for that. Cabinets have limited room already, so having a small dehumidifier helps to conserve space. Thereby, you can enjoy the regular functions of the closet, minus the damp smell.

Don’t scoff at its size; however, it’s quite powerful. It can quickly suck up all the moisture and relatively fast too. It can take about twenty-four hours or so, but it does the job. Humidity can halve or even go lower than that. You can feel the dryness, or better yet, use moisture measuring instrument to see for yourself.

If you think that your bathroom or closet is too humid, you can keep this running indefinitely. The water can be dispensed and disposed of automatically. Therefore, you can set it to go for days. And given its extraordinary ability to suck up and cancel out moisture, it can almost rid the air of all humidity.

Despite its prowess can capacity, it’s not that noisy or loud. It works silently. First off, it’s because it’s not that big. It’s tiny and therefore causes little noise. Second, the fan and suction system is very efficient.

You wouldn’t even notice it’s there unless you took the time to listen. All in all, it’s arguably the best portable dehumidifier for the bathroom due to its small size and lightweight feature.

Small size Portable Effective Little noise Can be run indefinitely
Relatively low capacity 5. SEAVON Electric Mini Dehumidifier
This model boasts a user-friendly, easy to use interface. No complicated machinery, switches or gears or anything like that. It’s just a few buttons that are clearly labeled and easy to see. Anyone can handle them. No instruction manual or any prior knowledge is required to make it work. It’s very straightforward.

It also holds what’s probably the best bathroom dehumidifier fan. The fan is efficient. It cuts through the air and propels it inward very fast. This makes the entire dehumidification process quick.

You don’t have to wait long. A couple of hours can your bathroom will be dry and crisp. This beats the fact of waiting overnight, which is usually what you have to do with most other dehumidifiers.

The dehumidifying action prevents a very pressing issue that exists many bathrooms-molds. It can consist of a black variety or just mildew. It could be something else altogether.

Whatever it may be, it’s not healthy for anyone. Your bathroom must stay free of mold. Therefore, I suggest getting this as it can drain the moisture that causes fungal growth.

You also don’t have to worry about emptying it again and again. It comes with an automatic water outlet that dumps the water out after a specific volume is reached.

Therefore, it’s quite easy to run. You could have it run indefinitely if you wanted to. However, I suggest that as too much dryness can also be harmful.

The operations of the machine are all damped with damping mechanisms that prevent sounds from getting too loud.

You could easily turn the machine on and have it fun all night. The water dispenser means you don’t have to take the water out, and the quiet operation means that it won’t hinder your sleep either. It’s perfect.

Easy to use Powerful fan Prevents mold Low noise profile
Lower efficiency 6. Afloia Electric Home Dehumidifier
One particular model by Alofia has also joined the ranks here on this list. It’s not only an excellent machine but also quite convenient. This thing is portable and easy to carry.

It’s essentially a dehumidifier for bathroom without a vent, and that means that you can use it in other places as well. Anywhere you feel that the moisture is a little too much.

The controls on this are also simple and easy to work with. They are simply buttons and few knobs. Some indicators say when it’s running and when you need to empty the tanks of water.

You don’t need to be a tech wiz or anything to run this thing. All you need is common sense. Even a child could operate this.

Although this could be considered a prerequisite, the dehumidifying ability of this is too good not to mention. It’s excellent! You could be living in a tropical rainforest, and this could turn your bathroom into a desert.

It’s that good that wringing the air out to collect all the water from and giving you a pleasant bathroom experience. It also maintains a low profile while doing all this. Also, this machine is much quiet.

While not wholly noiseless, I don’t think anything can be for that matter; it is relatively hushed. It probably makes about the same noise as a small fan. The compressor makes a bit of noise too, but that still beats listening to a noisy bathroom exhaust fan.

One unique attribute that this dehumidifier possesses is that it is so adept that drying the environment that even bacteria isn’t safe. Bacteria are more common than fungi and can cause disease.

Usually, however, fungi are more talked about. Regardless, having a bacteria-free bathroom is adding another safeguard to your health.

Portable Simple operation Excellent dehumidifying effect Relatively low noise
A bit expensive 7. Hysure Dehumidifier
Up until now, I’ve talked about small dehumidifiers or ones that are compact and suited for smaller spaces. Not this one, though. This is a monster, a powerhouse. Moreover, it can tackle broad areas, making it the best dehumidifier for extensive bathroom use. You can employ it in other places too. It’s got excellent capacity.

And guess what? It’s good at the entire process too. You can rest assured that your big bathroom or living room will be dry and crisp in a matter of hours. Humidity levels fall significantly, and you won’t even an instrument to measure it. Your skin should be enough indicator. You’ll feel it.

This machine might be a little big, but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated. It’s got a very user-friendly interface that lets you use it seamlessly. Whatever age you are, it doesn’t matter. You don’t even need the instructions! The buttons are labeled with clear indication. Operating it properly comes down to common sense.

Even though it is a little bigger, it can be still big most places short of a shallow closet. It’s portable, and you can fix it anywhere you want to. It’s quite easy to do so.

So, don’t worry if your bathroom is small, it’s got you. However, unless you want your mouth to dry up in the bathroom, you might want to prevent it from going full gear.

Loud and big seem to go hand in hand, it seems. Yes, this one is a bit loud. Maybe it’s because the fan is just so powerful and a bit disproportionate to the size of the whole machine. This does have the potential to create resonance. So, I suggest against running it all night; you might not be able to sleep if you’re a light sleeper.

Convenience of use High area capacity The dehumidifying effect is excellent Relatively manageable size
Somewhat loud Before You Buy, What to Look For
Before you can go over and start shopping, here are some things that you look out for. It’s not just price; there are a lot of other things.

Dehumidifying Extent

This is arguably the most important thing you should look into when buying a dehumidifier. This is its whole purpose. The best bathroom dehumidifiers should be able to remove enough moisture so that you can feel the difference.

Your skin can sense humidity mildly. So, if something can drain so much moisture that even your skin can feel it, it’s good.

A hygrometer can also be employed to measure the drop in humidity accurately. Dehumidifiers that aren’t quite top-notch can be evaluated better with this. They are still worth buying as over time they can catch up to the top tier ones. They are especially worth considering if you have a tight budget.


Since most bathrooms are not the biggest, this might seem a little unimportant. However, you should be aware of the capacity of a dehumidifier for several reasons.

While it’s not as simple as the best dehumidifier for bathroom purposes is one with the most prominent space, it’s still essential.

The main reason is that there are many “budget” versions out there that can’t even dry up a closet.

Now don’t get me wrong, if a closet is all you need to dehumidify, go right ahead. However, this usually isn’t the case. So, I suggest you look over the capacity of the device before you make the purchase. Otherwise, you might find something that’s useless.


This is another critical factor. Size does matter. For most houses and apartments, mainly, space is a precious resource. Therefore, the smaller, the better right? Well, yes and no.

While a smaller size is advantageous, you should also consider what is being sacrificed to shrink your dehumidifier. It might even be a key feature.

Usually, capacity and dehumidifying extent are cut to make the device smaller. This can be quite problematic if you have a bigger bathroom. If you do, I suggest sacrificing some space for a powerful bathroom dehumidifier because you do have room to spare. Otherwise, you might end up with one that has negligible effects.

Powering System

People are quite divided here. While many love the idea of a dehumidifier for bathroom no plug needed, some argue that this can cut performance. And yes, you do trade off those two things. Having a direct plug system dramatically increases the power output, and so it can provide you with top-level performance.

On the other hand, if you happen not to require that much output, you could try a cordless device. It trades output for more versatility. That means that you don’t have to have a power outlet in your bathroom. You could pretty much set it up anywhere that you wanted.


Again, this is something that could be considered a trade-off. A dehumidifier for bathroom without vent gives it portability. On the other hand, if it has a vent, it has to be fixed. However, a vent does come with added benefits as it can filter through and isolate water out from there air much faster than a vent free one can.


The bathroom and dehumidifier go hand in hand. However, there are other places where you can set one up. A permanent bathroom dehumidifier lacks versatility. However, it does counter that with its ability to perform better. A more versatile dehumidifier can be put in a bathroom, bedroom, living room, changing room, or even a closet.
Bathroom Dehumidifier vs. Exhaust Fan Bathroom Dehumidifier Exhaust Fan It can directly reduce humidity and therefore makes your bathroom drier. An exhaust fan can only redirect humid air outside. This is effective against reducing fungal infestations. Given the right conditions, it can elevate fungal growth Can be used to regulate moisture levels in the air. Lacks any control over the contents of the air Maintenance is generally low. Extensive maintenance is required. Relatively more expensive. Cheap and affordable. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How big of a room can this dehumidifier work with?

Ans: That all depends on its capacity. Typically, the average bathroom is not a big deal. However, you should watch out for the very cheap ones as they might have minimal ability.

Q: Can I make it run continuously?

Ans: That depends on two things. First, you need to be sure that there is a water dispensing system. If there isn’t, it needs to have a tank big enough for you to run it for an extended time. There may even be hardware limitations too.

Q: How noisy is it?

Ans: That depends on its noise profile. Usually, they aren’t that noisy. At best, it’s as loud as a small table fan.

Q: Can I continuously drain water out?

Ans: Again, it depends on the type of dehumidifier you’re getting. Some have it fixed in. Others have the option, while some don’t.

Q: Does it vent out hot air?

Ans: No, there is no heating involved. The best bathroom dehumidifier is the one that can emit the air out at the same temperature as it was pumped in.
Final Words
While I have detailed the features of many dehumidifiers, only one can be the best dehumidifier for the bathroom. But that number one is on you, not me. You should know what you want and only then will you will be to get the product you want. Happy hunting.

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