Another Small Home Improvement Project - Master Bedroom Details

When it comes to the success of any project, whatever it happens to be, the details matter.  For me there were a lot of things in the master bedroom that I knew if I didn't address them it would affect the overall result and I wouldn't be happy.  And we all know if mama ain't happy...  LOL.
I scrubbed every bit of this closet system before reinstalling
It looks and feels like it is brand new
It was important that everything be really clean.  So I cleaned a lot and made sure I got every nook and cranny.  I swept, vacuumed, got out a few buckets of soapy water and the Fabulosa all purpose cleaner and I washed down every surface.  I even used a magic eraser to remove any stains and black marks.
I filled the nail holes and caulked all the seams
and edges for a flawless finish
I didn't stop with simply putting up trim.  I went back and filled all of my nail holes and caulked all of my seams and along the edges so once it was painted it would look the best it could.  Taking the time to caulk and fill nail holes made all the difference in the final result.
I also removed it from the wall so I could paint the wall behind it
I knew the 1970s tan baseboard heater would stick out like a sore thumb, but I didn't have the budget to buy a replacement.  Especially as we don't really use the heat upstairs.  We prefer a cooler room to sleep in so by simply allowing the heat to rise from downstairs keeps the upstairs at the perfect temperature for us.  Therefore, replacing the heaters wouldn't make a whole lot of sense financially, plus there really isn't anything wrong with how they function.  They are just ugly.  I researched paint options and decided to simply paint the heater instead.  Now it looks brand new and I'm really happy with the final result.
You can always expect to find a dirt ring
Plus you are much less apt to get paint on the fixture
Quick & easy process to remove these first before painting
For best paint results, even in the closet, I removed as much as I possibly could first.  I filled all the nail holes and gouges in the drywall with spackle and sanded it once it was all dry.  I removed the light fixture and all of the switch and outlet covers rather than to paint around them.  After the first coat of paint dried overnight I gave it a second coat for best coverage and durability.  The final result of the paint job is really pleasing and looks quite professional.
Take the time to tape off what you don't want painted

I carefully cleaned all of the switches, outlets and the light fixture to remove all of the accumulated dirt and dust.  I also washed all of the switch and outlet covers.  I painted one that was rather worn and dingy looking including the little screws as the white paint had chipped off of them.  Now all the outlets and the switch look fresh and new.
Even the thermostat cover got a little bit of a face lift.  I masked off the label and gave it a couple coats of metallic paint to update it from 1979 as well.  I still think it looks kind of ugly, but better.  A new thermostat may be something I'll consider in the future when I have the budget for one.  For now this will do.

I took the time to scrape the entire floor including inside the closet once the carpet was removed.  I was able to get up a lot of spackle globs, texture spray, paint and other things that had been left behind by the original construction team.  I went around the entire room with a hammer to pound down any nails that had popped up too.  Then I gave the entire floor a coat of paint to seal up the old plywood and give us a nice clean smooth surface for the new carpet.
Painted & sealed
By the time I got this far I felt really, really good about how things were turning out in here.  I inspected the room to make sure I didn't miss anything and was quite satisfied that I hadn't.  Ready to proceed.  Next up, carpet!  And then I get to move in!!! #CraftsAndProjects #OurHome
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